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Lower School courses

The Elementary and Middle school courses offered by Faith Academy ONLINE are listed below for your convenience. Courses are listed by each general subject area and the grade level in which students generally take them. This list of available courses will help plan for your enrolled student's graduation.
  • Language Arts
    3rd Grade Language Arts
    4th Grade Language Arts
    5th Grade Language Arts
    6th Grade Language Arts
    7th Grade Language Arts
    8th Grade Language Arts
  • Math
    3rd Grade Math
    4th Grade Math
    5th Grade Math
    6th Grade Math
    7th Grade Math
    8th Grade Math
  • Social Studies
    3rd Grade Social Studies
    4th Grade Social Studies
    5th Grade Social Studies
    6th Grade Social Studies
    7th Grade Social Studies
    8th Grade Social Studies
  • Science
    3rd Grade Science
    4th Grade Science
    5th Grade Science
    6th Grade Science
    7th Grade Science
    8th Grade Science
Parent Agreement

Elementary-Middle School

Elementary - Middle School

Faith Academy ONLINE Elementary - Middle School has an open-enrollment policy. Our flexible program accommodates students at any time of the year - enroll when it's convenient for your student. The courses are offererd as the list to the left describes.

Registration Fees

$150 - Student Registration Fee (New Student) (Lifetime registration - Never billed a registration fee again for any courses at Faith Academy ONLINE.)

Registration notes: The registration fee is per student and is non-refundable. Full-time students are required to take four core subjects: Language Arts, Math, Science, and Social Studies. Part-time students may register for one to three.

Faith Academy ONLINE offers parents and students the convenience of full-time or part-time enrollment. Tuition fees are based upon curriculum of choice and length of study. If you have additional questions regarding tuition costs, please contact Faith Academy ONLINE at 1-877-316-6925.

Tuition Fees