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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Is Faith Academy ONLINE accredited
    Yes. Faith Academy ONLINE is accredited by the Georgia Accrediting Commission.
  • What advantages are there to an online school versus a traditional school?
    Faith Academy ONLINE offers a level of flexibility that many traditional schools cannot integrate into their own classes, and the online environment is perfect for students who are motivated to learn. Faith Academy ONLINE allows students to focus on fewer classes than at a traditional school so that they can learn the subject matter at hand thoroughly before moving on to another subject matter. The online environment also allows parents instant access to their child’s courses so that they can see how their child is doing in live time. There are less negative influences in an online school than at a traditional school as well. Students do not have to deal with bullying or other forms of peer pressure.
  • How much time does my student have to finish the school year?
    The school year is typically 180 days, which is about nine months. Students have up to one calendar year (12 months) to complete one school year's course work. A semester is 90 days or approximately four and one-half months. Students enrolled in a one-semester course will have up to six months to complete the course. However, we recommend students stay on the shorter time frame schedule of 4.5 months per semester. It will help them become more responsible and accountable. (Note: Each course has a daily assignment list that helps keeps the students on track.)
  • How quickly can my student work through curriculum?
    While there is flexibility to doing schoolwork at home, the Faith Academy ONLINE program requires approximately 180 school days of instruction for each school year. It is especially important to meet these requirements at the high school level in order to receive credit. Students can complete their courses over a shorter period of time by occasionally increasing hours of study, working on weekends, or adding a summer session.
  • Do you know my state's distance learning requirements?
    Certain states view enrollment in any form of distance education as "homeschooling." In those cases, it is the responsibility of parents to know or be familiar with the education laws in their home state and know how enrollment in Faith Academy ONLINE is viewed by their state.
  • Will your program prepare my student for college?
    Faith Academy ONLINE's college preparatory course of study is designed to prepare students for entrance into most universities and colleges. Each university can have different requirements for accepting students for enrollment. Faith Academy ONLINE’s scholastic diploma meets state requirements and will help students gain acceptance to most universities. We recommend to all students planning on attending a state or private university to call and speak with the admissions department to find out what their requirements are and plan your high school diploma choice accordingly.
  • If my student is enrolled in Faith Academy ONLINE, do I still control his schedule?
    One of the benefits of Faith Academy ONLINE is the flexibility of the schedule. The parent has the freedom to change the student's schedule, provided he stays within the deadline for the course. Parents do not need to notify Faith Academy ONLINE of a school day that has been missed. However, if the student will not be working for a week or more, we recommend informing Faith Academy ONLINE.
  • I do not know if distance learning is for me. May I talk to someone?
    Absolutely. Our educational specialists are available Monday through Friday 90:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. (ET). Please call toll free 1-877-316-6925. We look forward to discussing your student's educational needs.
  • Are students only admitted during certain times of the year?
    No. We understand that not everyone operates on the same calendar. Because of that, we offer rolling enrollment. Rolling enrollment means that you can start your school year at any day or month during the year.
  • Can I use a satellite Internet connection if I live in a remote area?
    We do not recommend using satellite Internet connections because of frequent reports of difficulty transmitting schoolwork. An ordinary dial-up connection usually works better than a satellite connection. However, if there is no better way, families may try using a satellite connection if they are willing to assume the risk that it may prove unsatisfactory.
  • Does Faith Academy ONLINE have an adult education program?
    Yes. Faith Academy ONLINE has a diploma program for independent adults 19 and older who may need the flexibility of enrolling in one course at a time, while holding down a full-time job. For more information call an enrollment specialist toll free at 1-877-316-6925.
  • If I am 18, but live at home, does a parent still have to enroll me?
    No, students aged 18 years or older may enroll themselves. However, Faith Academy ONLINE does request to have parent information on file for students residing at home.
  • Do I need to withdraw from my previous school to enroll at Faith Academy ONLINE?
    The answer depends on your specific situation. Faith Academy ONLINE has several enrollment options. If you plan to graduate from Faith Academy ONLINE (FAO), and you are taking all your classes or remaining classes with FAO, this makes FAO your “primary school.” So that FAO can build a new transcript for you, FAO will need a copy of your transcript from your most recent school in order to give credit for previous classes. Some schools, but not all, require students to withdraw before sending records to another school. You will need to check with your current school for their requirements. If this is your situation, you should choose “full-time” when applying to Faith Academy ONLINE. If you intend to continue classes at your current school, but also take classes with Faith Academy ONLINE at the same time, you become a “concurrent” student. Your current school is your “primary school.” You should NOT withdraw from your primary school. If this is your situation, you should choose “part-time” when applying to Faith Academy ONLINE.
  • How do I know if my school allows Concurrent Enrollment?
    To find out if your school allows concurrent enrollment with another school, contact your Primary school.
  • Are you a correspondence school?
    No. By definition, a correspondence school requires students to complete work on paper or in workbooks and mail it to the school. At Faith Academy ONLINE, all of your course work is completed online.
  • Will I need to install anything on my computer to take Faith Academy ONLINE classes?
    For the most part, no. Faith Academy ONLINE classes are completely internet-based. However, the courses have some interactive multimedia aspects that require that your system have Java and Flash Player installed and cookies enabled. Most user systems already have these items installed, so you may not have to do anything to your computer to get started.
  • Who makes up the student body?
    Like any traditional school, the Faith Academy ONLINE student body is extremely diverse. We cater to excelling honor students, working students, young parents, previously home-schooled students, students with a heavy extracurricular schedule, at-risk students and students who simply prefer to take their high school courses over the internet.